Best of ZooppaUSA 2009: Grand Prix Award Winners!

Video Grand Prix Winner

In the Clouds

By: rpgamer2003

A simply amazing video. The special effects set this apart from the others. When we saw this video it immediately brought to mind the work of Filmmaker Michel Gondry: full of dreamlike imagery, and carefully crafted multi-layered scenes. This video raised the bar for everyone, and stands out as the single best video of the year.

Print Grand Prix Winner

Start? Up?
By: Vincenzover

This well though out print speaks to anyone wanting to ‘start-up’ their company or career. Congratulations to Vincenzover for making a somewhat abstract service very easy to understand. The choice of photography and font make this ad easy to read and very powerful.

Banner Grand Prix Winner

By: Orim

A complex, almost “moving” piece of art. This banner was breathtaking in it’s color palette and complexity. Rarely do we see any banners anywhere that are so artistic. Orim’s banner stands out as the most creative banner of the year.

Thank you Zooppers!

Awesome work, you should all be very proud. Each one of you proves what can be accomplished when talented people form a community and share their talent with the world.

The future leaders of film making, graphic design and interactive design are all right here, and we are proud to have you in our community.

We can’t wait to see what 2010 brings. It will be awesome.

-Kirk, Matt, Arik, Josh, Wil, Nicholas, Emily, Christian, et al.

Jasmine Moore

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