BookRenter #DreamBig Video Contest Winners Announced

Come one, come all, the BookRenter #DreamBig winners are announced! Congratulations to everyone who submitted a video or print, you all did an awesome job! Here is a look at the top four winners in both print and film! These winners will not only save on books, with their prize money they will be able to live their dreams!


First Place Client Award. You’re No Dummy. KPREDKI.

Second Place Client Award. BookRenter Commercial. Micahmiranda.

Third Place Client Award. Road Trip. Kenfleet.

Fourth Place Client Award. #DreamBig: Long Distance Relationship. Tobijadabija.


First Place Client Award. Things to Do. Gabrielbarbosa.


Second Place Client Award. Sky’s the Limit. Nathankrochmal.


Third Place Client Award. A Nerd Dream. Fandesign1.


Fourth Place Client Award. Bookrenter: The College Fridge. Nmartin.

Now for the Zooppa Voter awards!

First Place Video Voter Award.  Book Renter’s Dream Big Contest. ColbyThompson.

First Place Print Voter Award. #DreamBig, Veronicacford.
Once again, a big thank you and congragulations for all those who participated! The utmost congrats to all the winners who contributed some creative and talented work! For more contests go to Zooppa and check out all the other opportunities for your own personal creativity.

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