Brooks Running Shoes Competition Starts March 30th!!

It’s a race to get started for the Brooks Running Shoes Competition which starts March 30th.  Here is the brief:

Brooks BioMogo

“Where Our Sole Meets Mother Earth’s Soul”

There are many reasons why people run. Some run for exercise, some run for adventure, some run because they want to get somewhere and some run because they enjoy the journey. Running is a way to celebrate the human spirit and enjoy the simple things in life; fresh air, exhilarating landscapes and the feeling of accomplishment. We believe in creating innovative gear that keeps people running farther, further and faster. As environmental stewards, we understand it’s our duty to give back to the environment and partner with Mother Nature. We’re committed to creating products that help preserve and whenever possible, enhance the environment.

Ready for the most exciting environmental innovation to ever hit the sports industry? Well, hang on tight! Building off the momentum gained by our 2006 Runner’s World International “Best Innovation” Award for our environmentally sustainable development projects,Brooks has introduced the first-ever biodegradable running shoe midsole: BioMoGo. Yes, we’ve taken the long-lasting cushioning of our original MoGo midsole and made it more environmentally friendly. How, you ask? We’ve added a non-toxic, natural additive to the MoGo compound that encourages anaerobic microbes to munch away once it hits the landfill. Traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill. BioMoGo’s microbial munch rate is a staggering 50 times faster, biodegrading nutrients into reusable byproducts within 20 years! That means that within 20 years time, Brooks alone will save 29.9 million pounds of landfill waste. Sharing BioMoGo presents a chance for greater environmental impact beyond Brooks and supports the spirit with which it was created. With the success of BioMoGo, we’re continuing to explore additional sustainable materials and production solutions that will benefit the earth for generations to come.

So Zooppers, are you ready to run with this competition and create the best video, print and banner ads? Are you ready to produce creative materials that will help Brooks sell this product to other runners that want to help the environment too? It’s very important that you use the correct products in your video/print/banner/concept ads that have the BioMoGo midsole:


Trance 8 Glycerin 7 Defyance 2 Infiniti 2 Adrenaline GTS 9 Cascadia 4

The contest starts March 30th and runs through May 7th. So, have fun, surprise us and run happy.

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