Buick Human Highlight Reel Winners Announced!

The Buick NCAA Human Highlight Reel has been one of our most prestigious contests to date. It’s been a pleasure watching all of the entries in this contest. We here at ZOOPPA have viewed all of them multiple times and are amazed at the quality of every piece. Because I’m the newest addition here as your Community Manager I didn’t really have a thorough understanding of the level of professionalism that you Zooppers have. It is an understatement for me to say that I am impressed.

The client had some choice words to say about the first place winner:

“We believe that Greg Bice had one of the best stories overall. It speaks directly to what Buick would like to highlight when speaking about human achievement. We are confident that his story will become a great PR piece not only for Buick, Bice and his foundation but also for Zooppa and it’s community. Without the contest we may have not known about such an amazing charity.”

With that, I am pleased to announce the winners as follows:

1st Place, $8,000
Lacrosse the Nations
Author: croy0010

2nd Place, $3000
Author: wendel

3rd Place, $1,000
Jackie Gallegos
Author: riffraffnm

4th Place, $1,000
Touch to Touch
Author: jmharper

5th Place, $500

Kelby Klosterman – QB at UND
Author: game7

6th Place, $500

Buick/NCAA: Asad Abdul-Khaliq
Author: cnisperos

7th Place, $500
A Lifetime of Glory: Louie Zamperini
Author: Aschnei

8th Place, $500
Theo White – Iowa Hawkeye Wrestler
Author: xrats

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