Buick partners with NCAA for Human Highlight Reel competition

Student athletes often accomplish amazing achievements both on and off the field. Partnering with the NCAA, Buick has launched the “Human Highlight Reel Competition ”, to celebrate NCAA athletes who have become an inspiration to their communities.

Your mission in this campaign is to interview former NCAA athletes and produce a 60-second video about the NCAA experience. This is a great chance to try out a more documentary style piece with the objective of inspiring others.

The Grand Prize for this competition is $8,000 and there is an early entry prize of $5,000 that will be awarded to the best entry to come in before the 30th of March. It pays to get started early!

Don’t know an NCAA athlete? Post on the Buick forum and we’ll do our best to help you with ideas of how to get in touch with one.

Good luck!

Jasmine Moore

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