Buick/NCAA Close Draws Near

Hi All,

We’re at the final four days in the Buick Human Highlight Reel Contest. The competition is pretty stiff, to tell ya the truth. We have a few heavy hitters competing in this one.

Kidheroes is competing as well as Mitsuyo. Let’s not forget about our featured zoopper JMHarper with his intense fencing video. Acrisp00, who just won thrice in the Hormel competition for his Lunch Thief video also has an entry in the Buick/NCAA Human Highlight reel contest.

We are expecting a ton of videos flooding in at the end of the contest like usual. Hopefully people are just polishing up their videos and making them pretty for the good folks over at Buick.

Hope to see a whole lot more in the next 4 days!


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