Changes to the Zooppa “Seniority” Algorithm

Zooppa has instituted a new algorithm for determining member voting power.

We’ve always called this “Seniority”, though it has more to do with participation than with how long you have been with Zooppa.

In the past, if you gained in seniority, you stayed there. But now seniority is more fluid, you can gain it, and you can lose it. And with the gain and loss of “seniority”, you gain and lose voting power. And we want to make sure that everybody understands how this works.

You can rise in seniority by gaining favorable votes on work that you submit. “Favorable” just means that people alot you a high proportion of the stars that they have to give – so if a user gives you 4 our of the 5 stars they have available to them, this helps you. And of course it also helps when someone gives you 19 out of the 20 stars they have to distribute.

In order to maintain your seniority, you have to go out and vote on other people’s work.

This way, we’re really rewarding people for interacting with Zooppa in a positive way – and we think that the fluid algorithm for voting power makes Zooppa voting fairer.

I’ve opened a forum thread about this, you can comment and ask questions about the Seniority Algorithm here

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