We’re changing the tune at Zooppa! 🎶

Meet our new partner: LmK Music Production!


We know how finding the right soundtrack for your video can often be problematic—browsing through endless archives of stereotypical stock tracks with overpriced license fees, or having to deal with a musician who doesn’t understand your creative needs  can turn your search for the right sound into an irritating task.

Not to mention that a bad soundtrack can ruin your entire well thought out production!

Because of this, we’ve teamed up with our friends at LmK Music Production, masters in audio production, to help creatives find the right sound for your videos by providing original and professionally created music tracks.
Thanks to LmK Music Production, every Zooppa member will have access to cinematographic quality audio that is tailored to the video productions used in our projects. LmK Music Production specializes in music, sound design and voice over creation intended for video productions.

One of their major strengths is the level of customization offered by their solutions.
Every production is finely tailored to the customer needs from budget to orchestration, adapting the service to every kind of project whether it be a simple infomercial to a fashion movie.


The best part is, when participating in a project, every Zoopper can download and use ANY track from LmK Music Production’s library, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE unless they win.
The library has been fully created by LmK Music Production team. They are true music superheroes, always ready to save the day even when dealing with the most demanding customer in the world. Seeing is believing :)!

Take a look here to start familiarizing with this new service.

lmk music productions

For any kind of inquiry, Zooppa and LmK Music Production’s staff are at your full disposal.

…and this is just the beginning—there are many other interesting opportunities to come!


Stay tuned!

Chantal Wong

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