Cheap-o Music Vide-o

In my humble opinion, one of the most rewarding projects a team of filmmakers can undertake is the creative-thirst-quenching, ever-morphing medium of the music video.  Though short and sweet, these projects can sometimes be pretty costly, especially if you are shooting on film, have a lot of special effects or shoot in multiple locations.

But thanks to clever little advances in digital video technology,  there is a light at the end of the expensive movie-making tunnel! You can still make a great impact, if you plan your video well enough.

These artists’ videos have proved this theory right without relying on a ton of fancy special effects or lighting setups. Using a little costuming, preproduction and a solid editor, they each deliver a very captivating, and in my mind, memorable videos:

A Lull | Weapons for War

Sigur Ros | Hoppipolla

But isn’t camera equipment expensive? 

Correct: The most costly part of your upcoming music video masterpiece is likely to be the equipment rental (or purchase), and both of these options would have cost you a large chunk of change, say, 8-10 years ago. But as camera technology improves, the image quality of the older or more affordable cameras is much closer to that of the prosumer or professional-grade cameras.  In the past 5 years, the gods of technology  have given us HD capability on almost every video recording device made recently, which makes recording a great image so much more affordable these days!

So if you live by a thrift store or a costume shop, can get your hands on a can of spray paint and some fabric, and want to shoot a music video that will have your audience in a state of awe and inspiration, just look to the artists above and others for proof that it can be done!

::::::::: Ready?! Set?! Shoot?!

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