Check Out The Redesigned Grist.org!

Big changes have come to Grist.org. As you know, Grist has partnered with Zooppa to develop some great viral advertising. We’re big fans of their snarky, sarcastic brand of environmental news and opinion. That’s why we’re so excited about their retooled website.

The folks at Grist really pulled out all the stops. The redesigned Grist.org offers tons of easy-to-use options for sorting through their news items and features. Top stories are highlighted, and topic pages make it easy to find content you’re interested in.

You can also create and customize a profile on Grist. Once you’re a registered user, you’ll be able to upload pictures, tell other members about yourself, and share your interests and opinions with the rest of the Grist community.

As a community member, you’ll also be able to customize your Grist.org experience. Just select your favorite authors and stories and you can track new posts and comments via your profile page.

And you’ll be able to make your voice heard! By taking advantage of user blogs and other interactive features of the new Grist.org you can add your ideas and opinions to the mix.

Grist.org will be adding new features every month. They’ll even be reaching out to community members for great new ideas. So head on over to Grist.org, get registered, and start taking advantage of all their fantastic new features.

And don’t forget, the Grist 2: Funniest Video Award is still up for grabs. The competition closes April 15th, so there’s still plenty of time to upload your video.

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