Checkered Flag Hyundai Video Contest Winners Announced!

Howdy howdy, Zooppers! A terrific contest came to a close last month and the awards have now been announced. These seven videos are shared in the $15,000 award pool, with our first place winner getting a whopping $6,000. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the filmmakers who put in their time, effort, and talent into making some terrific ads for Checkered Flag Hyundai!

Early Entry Award, $1,000: Meet Lenny by MyMediaGuy

First Place Client Award, $6,000: Good Things Are Happening by jester510

Second Place Client Award, $4,000: Why!? by broidaboy

Third Place Client Award, $2,000: Checkered Flag Swag by RYCSLK

Fourth Place Client Award, $1,000: No Practice Necessary by elangley

Fifth Place Client Award, $500: Your New Car is in Reach by happyjoel

Sixth Place Client Award, $500: Trust an Expert, Trust Checkered Flag by dinovelvet

You, too, could find yourself in an awards announcement on our blog!  Just enter a video in one of our contests.  Next contest to close is Superpages, this Wednesday, 1/16 at 4pm PST.

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