CHERRish Winners!

CHERRish Winners Announcement

Thanks for your patience peoples.

Another great Zooppa contest. The CHERRish competition brought in about a ton of animation – almost half the submissions were animated!

– And the client was obviously very impressed with the skill of our animators, because the top three prizes went to animated submissions!

So without any further ado, here are the winners of the Cherrish competition on Zooppa:

CHERRish Client Award – 1st Place

Piantoperdente, CHERRish: Running

CHERRish Client Award – 2nd Place

Cauthier, CHERRish on Black and Pink

CHERRish Client Award – 3rd Place

SighedDream, CHERRish in Gym

CHERRish Zooppa Award

GoldenSun, CherryWorld

CHERRish Community Award – 1st Place

Gianky, Icing on the Cake

CHERRish Community Award – 2nd Place

Gutterez, Dorando Pietri

CHERRish Community Award – 3rd Place

XCPuckstopper35, Back to Running

CHERRish Community Award – 4th Place

Morositas, That’s What We Mean by a CHERRish Person

Technical Note: We’re still having trouble getting winners assigned in our back end systems. That’s why you may not be seeing winners in the “awards” section.

In any event, this doesn’t affect your ability to claim your prizes – though I suppose it may affect your ability to show off!

Should be resolved soon, anyway.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to all the contestants. This was a great competition.

Jasmine Moore

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  1. congrats to all. i would have loved to see some non animated workds make it into the top 3

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