Cold Shower Contest Slowly Heating Up

As submissions continue to pour in, Zooppa community members remain supportive of each other’s efforts, bringing new meaning to the phrase friendly competition.

With just under a month to go in the Cold Shower Contest, there’s no time like the present for videomakers to go into production. This contest is great because the premise begs for hilarity, and many submissions could moonlight as comic relief on YouTube.

This is an opportunity to be funny and get creative. Whether your sense of humor is as dry as a good martini or as random as a Family Guy flashback, put it to good use. Ply your trade, earn some cash, and get your name out there!

Keep the comments coming! For many community members, this competition may be their first foray into production, and a big part of our mission at Zooppa is to help videographers step their game up.

The Cold Shower Challenge ends April 18th 2011. The grand prize is $2,500. If you have comments or questions, visit the Cold Shower Challenge Contest Forum. For full contest rules and details, check out the contest brief here.

Best of luck!!

Jasmine Moore

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