Cold Shower Winners Announced

In an unprecedented display of generosity, Fast Water Heater Company has 2 sets of ties and threw in more money in the prize pool to award even more Zooppers in the Cold Shower Challenge!

They’ve added a three-way 5th place tie and a two-way 7th place tie. Making a total of 10 winners! And no, those that tie don’t have to share the awards!

Here they are:
1st place, $2,500: Best Friends by mspencer
2nd Place, $700: Give hot water a voice by Mrgmw07
3rd Place, $300: Blind Date, Cold Shower by KavanATW
4th Place, $200: Cold Cold Shower by tjc08g
Three 5th Place awards, $100 each:
Fast Water Heater Company – Chibi Moku by ChibiMoku
Four Days by Josh_SD
The Emperor’s New Water Heater by mileshorst

6th Place, $100: Ice Cold Shower by Mannytoons
Two 7th Place awards, $100 each:
Improvisation by Murilis
Cold Shower Alternate ending by basstech

Congrats to all who participated! So sorry The Cold Task didn’t place :-(
The awards will be assigned on ZOOPPA.com on Monday!

Take it easy,

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