Community Member Spotlight: Craig Nisperos

This week, we’re highlighting Zooppa member Craig Nisperos who was recently awarded the Early Entry Prize for Buick’s Human Highlight Reel campaign. Brooklyn-based Nisperos is a self-proclaimed “guerrilla filmmaker” who lauds the coming of a new age in videomaking.

“When I’m out there shooting it’s just me, my camera and the lens. I’d like to have nice lighting equipment and all the other gear, but right now that’s just not the reality,” says Nisperos

He’s not letting it hold him back. Craig just took home the Early Entry Prize in the Buick Human Highlight Reel competition. He heard about Zooppa through online video contest website FilmTheNext and the Buick competition while looking for video production jobs to supplement his work in Healthcare IT.

“It was right as March Madness was heating up, and I was like cool, this let’s me get involved.”

Enter Asad Abdul-Khaliq. The two met through a mutual friend, and Craig asked if Asad would be interested in promoting his work with inner-city youth.

The piece was shot on a quiet Sunday evening in Washington Square Park. “I wanted to give it some flavor,” Craig said of his decision to shoot handheld. The result is a sense of immediacy that brings Asad’s story into focus with the City fading in and out as a backdrop.

Entirely self-taught, Craig got his start shooting music videos for local hip-hop artists. “They were all friends of mine and they knew I had the camera, so it just worked out.”

When I caught up with him over the phone, at his place in Brooklyn, he was packing for vacation in Italy. While abroad, Craig plans to work on photography. “It’s getting back to my roots,” he said of the passion that originally brought him into the digital production world.

Craig wants to keep making music videos for his friends and new connections he’s made in the hip-hop community. He also shoots weddings and shorts and plans on competing in future Zooppa competitions. “I try to keep it diverse,” he says of the wide range of projects that capture his interest.

With the proliferation of affordable video equipment, Craig knows the production industry rewards creativity, artistic sensibility and drive at all levels.

It’s a brave new world, and he’s operating on its frontline. We’re there with you Craig and happy to have you as part of the Zooppa community. Keep it coming.

The Buick Human Highlight Reel competition on Zooppa runs through the 22nd of April. The Early Entry Prize has been awarded, but there is still $15,000 in awards waiting to be won. Click here the Human Highlight Reel Brief.

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