Congratulations cauthier!!!

In case you all haven’t seen his forum post about it, cauthier has some really exciting news.

Jones GABA will be running an edited version of cauthier’s ad “GABA World” on broadcast TV.

This is the first time a Zooppa ad will run on U.S. television. We’re incredibly excited about it, and we want to offer cauthier our congratulations. You are awesome, cauthier!

Meme E


  1. Thanks!! I couldn’t have done it without you! :D

  2. compliments :D all we are happy for zoopa and zoppers :)

  3. Great job cauthier! you deserve it thats awesome!

  4. my best compliments Cauthier….i’ve just finished to watch your video again….it’s totally rad! Great Job..

  5. GABA WORLD on broadcast TV ?!? Wow, super Chad !!! Your video is awesome and deserves it :-))

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