Congratulations e.Leaven Winners!

Thanks to all of you who helped make the eleaven competition a great success! We are really excited about all of the amazing work that the Creative Community submitted, and now we get to announce the winners. Congrats!


Video Awards

e.Leaven Video Award – $1500
“e.Leaven Food Company” by Adimo

Zooppa Video Award – $500
“e.Leaven: A Food Company Story” by MEDesign

1st Prize – $400
“Cooking for Someone Special” by SeaNanners

2nd Prize – $150
“e.Leaven: Better for U” by toskana18

3rd Prize – $100
“Hungry, Me Too!” by gianky

4th Prize – $50
“e.Leaven Food Company” by mlkconcept

Print Awards

e.Leaven Print Award – $750
“Your Favorite Day of the Week” by lgreenwald

Zooppa Print Award – $400
“Lesson 1: Vocabulary” one of a series by tzulingliu

1st Prize – $400
“Alphabread” by Bardak

2nd Prize – $150
“With Passion” by stefygraf

3rd Prize – $100
“Just a Bite, Please” by FridaK

4th Prize – $50
“Every Slice” by aristotele

Banner Awards

e.Leaven Banner Award – $200
“Love and Enjoyment for Cooking” by Cuppino

1st Prize – $125
“e.Leaven” by mlkconcept

2nd Prize – $75
“Alphabread” by Bardak

3rd Prize – $50
“An Inviting Atmosphere” by Cuppino

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!

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