Congratulations Luke Bryan Winners!

The Luke Bryan competition has wrapped up and we want to thank everyone who submitted ads. We couldn’t be more excited about the amazing work all of you did. In addition to the monetary awards, all winners will also receive an autographed copy of Luke Bryan’s new album “Doin’ My Thing.”


And now for the winners! Drum roll, please…

1st Prize – $1000
“Baby Do I” by mlkconcept

2nd Prize – $650
“Doin’ Our Thing” by XCpuckstopper35

3rd Prize – $350
“Lonely” by ArmenAdamian

4th Prize – $200
“Wedding Day” by ArmenAdamian

5th Prize – $150
“Do I. Coming Soon.” by toskana18

6th Prize – $125
“What Went Wrong?” by viddovation

7th Prize – $100
“Do I, the new song of Luke Bryan” by magicreative

8th Prize – $75
“Luke Bryan – Do I” by mggeralle

9th Prize – $50
“How do I?” by awhalen

10th Prize – $50
“Luke Bryan, Do I” by magicreative

Luke Bryan Award – $1500
“Luke Bryan – Do I (Piano Version) by MEDesign

Zooppa Award – $750
“What Went Wrong?” by viddovation


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