Congratulations PEMCO Video Contest Winners!


We want to thank everyone for participating in PEMCO’s Next Northwest Profile challenge. The campaign was a huge success! We love all of the entries that were submitted, and appreciate the work you all put into them. You guys make Zooppa, well… Zooppa!

The winners were recently announced. Without further ado, here are the winners!

1st Place – I Don’t Need Sunscreen Guy, ajthompson411

2nd Place – Puget Sound Canine Companion Kayaker, abelfoy475

3rd Place – Cougar Mountain Day Hiking Family, CougarMountain

4th Place – The Tartar Man, edhartman

5th Place – PEMCO NW Profile: Sweat Pants Opera Buff, ericperret

6th Place – CEASELESS KNITTER, dhorton

7th Place – Pavement Trekker, lchmura

8th Place – I Think I Can Make It Ferry Runner, calebmelvin

9th Place – Weekend Geoduck Hunter, ashleyball

10th Place – The Co-Op Guy, jazzyjaymes

11th Place – Microbrew Guy, acgomez2

12th Place – Self Actualized Foodie Guy, SkilletGrubbs

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