Congratulations to Filippo Marongiu, aka pant1, winner of Zooppa’s Mascot Challenge!

In a contest that saw over 500 entries, one talented designer has emerged the victor: Filippo Marongiu.

Meet Filippo’s mascot entry, Zooppie!

We were overwhelmed with entries, but after careful deliberation, we are very satisfied with our choice. We chose Zooppie for the following reasons:

Flexible  The expressions can be changed to fit the tone or emotion of any message we deliver on Zooppa, including; blog posts, specific contests, emails, awards and many other existing contexts.

Simple The design is iconic, and functions in one color and a centimeter wide. It’s also clearly produced in vector format, so it’s scalable, and will function in any format we might need. While there were many brilliant illustrations, today’s web icons require simplicity for many contexts.

Communicative The design represents what Zooppa does as a company. The anthropomorphic comment bubbles represent the creatively productive interactions between clients and our community, and the antennae represent our goal to broadcast the content.

Ultimately, the mascot should visually represent the brand and what we do – this is the strongest choice because it’s both well rendered, and conceptually makes sense.

The most important question is “Why?”, and when someone invariably asks why our mascot is what it is, there has to be some sort of conceptual grounding. Zooppie accomplishes this goal and is therefore our winner!

Thank you everyone for the amazing submissions and all your hard work. Look out for an interview with Filippo Marongiu in the next couple days to learn about his thought process behind Zooppie.

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