Congratulations Winners of the ASU Spirit of Service Scholars Competition

Thanks for all of the great video ads you produced for the Arizona State University Spirit of Service Scholars Competition. Your hard work made this competition a great success. We are excited to congratulate the Community Award Winners!

The jury is still out on the ASU Awards and the Zooppa Awards. Check back soon – we will be announcing those award categories on February 8th.

Community Video Awards Theme 1: Arizona State University

Community Video 1st Place – $200
Spirit of Service by Zooppers-Onlus

Community Video 2nd Place – $125
Not Sure What You’re Meant to Do? by XCPuckstopper35

Community Video 3rd Place – $100
Find Your Calling – XCPuckstopper35

Community Video 4th Place – $75
Are You a Student… by takeitandrun21

Community Video 5th Place – $50
We Don’t Need Anymore of These Guys by Zeek

Community Video Awards Theme 2: Spirit of Service

Community Video 1st Place – $200
Don’t Wait to Donate by XCPuckstopper35

Community Video 2nd Place – $125
Why You Must Help by Leorlepre

Community Video3rd Place – $100
Help Future Generations by takeitandrun21

Community Video 4th Place – $75
Tommorrow Needs Your Help Today by takeitandrun21

Community Video 5th Place – $50
Your Future Depends on it by takeitandrun21


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