Congratulations Zappos winners!



We’ve got the final decisions from the folks over at Zappos. Congratulations to tmerlau, who took home first prize for “Something for Everyone”! Well done, guys!


First prize: $25,000
tmerlau – “Something for Everyone”


Second prize: $8,000
tallmidgets31– “The Gift Wrapper”


Third prize: $6,000
BooBoo– 365 Days Later…


Fourth prize: $4,000
tallmidgets31 – “My Brother’s Sweater”


Fifth prize: $2,000
MediaHouse – “Zappo’s Holiday Gift Giving”


Sixth prize: $1,000
allucinari– “A Little Something”


Seventh prize: $1,000
kfurrh3 – “The Art of Gift Giving”


Eighth prize: $1,000
Klang – “Disgruntled Elf”

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