Content is NOT King and More Tips on Making a Great Video

Howdy ya’ll.
Since I started in mid March, I’ve asked by some community members about feedback from the client about what they can do better in their submitted videos.

Although a Q&A session is a project we’re seriously considering, we wanted to start steering you in a general direction. Because all contest briefs are different, we tend to want to critique on a case by case basis however there are some general rules that I’ve gathered from the web and my own personal experience that should benefit you.

1. Content is NOT King
Keep your videos short. If a time limit is 30 seconds or less then don’t feel like you have to fill it up with 30 seconds of video. If your content ends up being 15 to 20 seconds then by all means submit it. If you have a great idea for a video then make the brand fit into it.
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2. Get that $*%! out there, man!
Post it on youtube, Craigslist, facebook, I would NOT be afraid of spamming my friends because those are totally the people that should be supporting my passion for video.

3. Don’t make an outright ad!
No one wants to be sold to. Make it as subtle and out of the norm of your all-the-great-reasons-to-buy-this-product list. No one wants to watch that. However, keep the brief in mind. If the client wants an ad, an ad they should get.

4. Tighten up!
If you hold onto a shot for more than 2 seconds, it’s too long. Cut it in the editing process. Cut cut cut! Quick quick quick shots!

That’s all for now.

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What do you guys think? Comments are welcome!

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