Contest Enel – Enel Prize and Zooppa Awards

Hi Zooppers, here we are for the appointment about the so much awaited motivations.

ENEL PRIZE to Kelioh’s Freezing News video in quality of, as Enel management said explicitly to us, “video that interprets the brief at best”. The company cared to specify that the choice of the video is not tied to the coordination of its current campaign, but, if ever, that “in spite of the coordination”, the choice was made for Kelioh’s work because it was considered the most coherent one as to the given indications. Enel also explicitly mentioned its appreciation for Zebra01’s Passaparola video, considering it a really interesting idea under the corporate profile (it transmits the idea that Enel is not only light but gas too). Another work the company mentioned, not from the video section but radio (out of contest): Nikgin81’s Scemo e più Scemo spot. Congratulations to the winner and also to the other mentioned users (we think they can feel proud about this appreciation), and to every participant as well. This has been the most lived and tense contest of this last period and for this it deserves a general applause.

In the end we think it’s important to say something. The prize from the client was strongly wanted by our community and also by us, in order to have an influential professional check and to “close the wheel of prizes” with every involved actor: community, Zooppa and clients exactly.

Some of you may be disappointed from the result of the selection – it’s normal to be like this – but “client’s last word” is in fact what happens in the everyday of advertising. It’s obvious anyone can disagree it, but we think it’s fair enough to acknowledge Enel the merit and courage to show up, choosing this prize… And we assure you it’s a big step towards the maturity of Zooppa and of all the community.

BIG ZOOPPA AWARD to Possend’s Il contratto video with concept by Zebra01 because we think it interprets magnificently common people’s lives, creating a slice of life, paradoxal but credible, factual and of big empathy, communicating in a splendid way the promotional offer by Enel. Interpretation is great and even if the lights aren’t that high and the final animation is a little rough, in a simple video like this there’s all the spirit that portrays the Zooppa-style, that is irreverent, side and viral.

Honorable Mention Brand Idea to Werther’s Un solo nome video because it catalyses the attention with a very simple but effective language, and expresses the energy and gas combination of the brand with a certain glamour. A little shorter and it would be perfect.

Honorable Mention Marketing Idea to Aubretia’s Money video for its actuality adherence and an unusual approach that mix journalistic information to advertising communication, touching a very heartfelt theme (shortage of monetary resources) and highlighting immediately the advantage of a two-year blocked price for energy.

Honorable Mention Emotional Idea to Cetri’s Promoteo video that with politeness, elegance and a little of culture (that’s no harm), introduces the spectator to Enel’s word: a seductive and non-conventional way to “light the flame” into a promotional offer.

Honorable Mention Product Idea to Hem’s 10000 a.c. video for its intuition in accordance with which energy and gas are from always an only thing, and for its nice and faultless animated representation of this concept, adapted between our remote ancestors.

Honorable Mention to Ladyshazna’s Pagare pagare pagare concept for its simplicity and efficacy that says excess of saving can reduce poverty.

Honorable Mention to Zebra01’s Il contratto concept for the same motivations given to its related Big Zooppa Award (apart from recitation).

Honorable Mention to Digivice’s Due energie in uno concept for both the clearness of the idea and the professional way with which it’s expressed.

Honorable Mention Laura1976’s Matrimonio di convenienza concept for the popularity of the idea and the successful pun that in fact made many people to want to use this concept.

And we close this topic explaining our

Big Zooppa Award for the print ads section to Mefitis7’s Simple print ad about which we would like to spend some further words. So many graphic works were posted for Enel’s contest and this can’t cause us anything but pleasure. But sometimes we guess that trying to amaze might have caused a loss of the message essence. So we chose a work that, even if extremely simple, expressed clearly the brief message with a certain visual impact and a good graphic arrangement. It’s not titled Simple at random.

Good night and see you all on the motivations appointment of the next contest. Bye Zooppers!

Meme E

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