Contest Updates on Zooppa

Ciao Guys,

I wanted to give you quick updates on some contests that you’ve all been asking about.

The Week!
There is a shortlist created by the client. We are very close to a selection. We’ve narrowed it down to 10 pieces and we are very close to a decision.

One thing that I’d like to stress is that whenever you upload a video to Zooppa.com, you absolutely must use original, footage, images and music. Or at least have a license to the rights.

Because we give out cash to winners and because the videos can be reused as commercials (please note that for Buick, the winning video was shown to thousands of people at a stadium) we need to make doubly sure that all of our videos are legally sound.


Once again we have a shortlist. However there were over 100 videos submitted to this contest. Have you seen them? They’re all pretty good. Pretty darn good. It’s hard to make a decision. The client also wants to announce the Early Entry Winner with everyone else.

Can anyone tell me what it was about the 3M contest that created so much interest? Was it the fact that it was about couples? Some people in the office think it’s because of the age old conflict that couples have. I have to agree. Husband and wife conflicts are easy to come up with and understand.

Well hope you all can rest easy. We can do it!

Take it easy,


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