Could Hulu win Live TV?

Hulu CEO has confirmed that the company is developing a cable-like online TV package for new areas like sports, news, and other live events. Since that announcement, analysts are seeing a huge game-changer within the industry, with Credit Suisse actually raising is valuation of Hulu to $25 billion since the announcement.

Nothing is set in stone, but experts are estimating a cost between $30-$40 a month for subscribers. According to Credit Suisse, these are the top 3 reasons for Hulu’s success so far:

  1. Research has shown that the most important content in any live streaming is sports and news. According to former executives of Hulu, ESPN for example, is a must-have.
  2. Hulu isn’t going to abandon their current on-demand structure. They want to keep an in-depth library from all of their content partners.
  3. Not all networks would make the cut. The most valuable networks and products were analyzed and kept in Hulu’s live streaming product.

Think of it like this: Netflix, but with live-TV on top of all their streaming. Would you subscribe for their online TV services? Read more about the article from Business Insider.


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Jasmine Moore

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