Could Your Short Film be Your Big Break?!

Zooppa would like to extend a warm welcome to The Smalls–the newest addition to our Creative Network. We really love what these guys are doing for independent creatives!

Looking for a great place to showcase your short films, meet other creative people to collaborate with and get constructive feedback from, post your reel, and maybe even upload your latest music tracks? Or, why not stretch all that a little further and imagine having your work seen by industry heavyweights and commissioners of content? Check out The Smalls (www.thesmalls.com).

The Smalls is a short film and music community with more than 5,000 registered members and more than 3,000 Facebook fans (www.facebook.com/theSmallsfilms). As a curator of independent short film, committed to the discovery and promotion of new talent, The Smalls is continually growing and in April 2012 the company will launch a new and improved version of its website, where all current features will be upgraded and new tools and applications for filmmakers will be added. As part of the re-launch The Smalls’ creative exposure will also expand to include more coverage of art, film and music events in the US and the UK. Sound cool you think? Sign up as a member today and join all the other creatives who are already with The Smalls for this exciting journey.

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