Creative Network Profile: Idyllwild Arts Academy

As a creative, I know that I’m always asked to give advice to young, aspiring filmmakers and journalists. I know that you all, whatever your medium may be, also encounter this.

Imagine how crazy it would be if instead of attending a traditional high school, we went to a boarding school for the arts? Well, the Idyllwild Arts Academy is just that.

Idyllwild is a close-knit, working community of students and teachers whose passion for the arts is balanced by a dedication to learning. Idyllwild offers a disciplined college preparatory program for grades 9-12 and post-graduates-along with world-class training in creative writing, dance, film & video, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre, and visual art.
We are proud to call the Idyllwild Arts Academy a part of our creative network! If you or someone you know wants to apply, do so soon. The audition tour is going to start December 1st in a city near you!

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