Crowdsource my beard!

Yo Zoopsters. We have a fun idea for y’all. Our Operations Manager, Mr. Andrew Shenstone, has decided to crowd source his beard for the month of Movember. What does that mean? You guys get to vote on what he should do with all of the facial hair he grows. Maybe a sweet pencil thin moustache, or a goatee, some gnarly side burns!  There are a few guidelines though. No Hitler stache. Boom. That’s it. By the way, Mr. Shenstone is also open to dying his beard.

Also, here’s a fun infographic on the different types of facial hair. I personally would love to see him rock a bright pink handlebar moustache. But that’s my opinion.

So Zooppsters, give us a comment down below on what Andrew should do!

Meme E

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