D&D Next Video Contest Awards Announced!

Thanks to all of our contest participants! The results are in and the winners have been selected!

Congratulations to our winners, you have leveled up!


1st place | $6,000 – the King of Games by: grahamtheham

2nd place | $3,000 – D&D Next! by: dareddragon


3rd place | $1,500 – Cupcake by: LyricHead

4th place | $750 – The Whiteboard Review by: potterama

5th place | $750 – Everybody’s Playing D&D Next by: shiftey

6th place | $500 – Mordenkainen’s Tips for every Adventurer by: Sdanaher2012

7th place | $500 – The Ambush by: Hadafang

8th place | $500 – Your Game. Your Way. by: Kiel_Chenier


Head to our awards page to see the Voter Awards.

To enter a contest of your own head over to our contest page.

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