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Dear Zooppers,
We have a surprise for you, an out-of-program that nobody expected and that will let everybody open-mouthed! Conto Arancio contest is closed, community prizes have been assigned and the jury’s prizes chosen. But ING Direct keeps on thinking something else.
It’s for this reason that we are proud to announce a surprising decision: ING Direct has chosen to assign another prize. Besides “La riproduzione del risparmio” by ilmax72, another print ad has been chosen by the company as the best: “Guerriero” by Gianz.
Both the winning creativities, as ING Direct told, have stressed the most important aspects of the Conto Arancio brand, and they are appreciated by all the company levels.
Great satisfaction, for Gianz, for the whole community, and for us, the Zooppa staff, that see you growing up and joining the contests. We are happy to see your credits recognized!

Meme E

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