Don’t buy my soul BRO!

“Did I? Did you? Who am I? What do i want out of life?”
Thinking of selling out?  Not sure what selling out means?  Let’s talk.
If you are a true filmmaker, doesn’t matter how much money you have because you’ll always make great films.  You should know that nothing can replace the feeling you get between envisioning and manifesting… that palpable essence that lets you know your soul is alive and capable of creating wonderful things.  If you are a true filmmaker, you know that not even money can change who you are and what you want to accomplish.  But can it?
No amount of money can change who you are… but it can make you lazy if you let it.  Luxury has a way of moving into your life and convincing you that you need nothing else… that you don’t have to work so hard anymore… that you have arrived at the place you deserve to be and the world owes it all to you.

Don’t be fooled.

Allowing yourself to become engulfed in an illusion of perpetual success and comfort can be deadly for your creativity.  But at the same time, allowing yourself to be engulfed in an illusion of perpetual failure and struggle can be deadly for your mind, body and soul.  Finding the balance between belief in yourself and humility in the creative process is key.

Along your journey as a filmmaker, think about following these steps:

  • Define success for yourself.  Don’t waste your time dwelling on other people’s lives. Think about what you have, what you want and what you need to do to get there.
  • Brace for failure.  Look at failure as a learning tool and a necessary step toward success. Own it, learn from it, and most importantly: define it by your own standards.
  • Be comfortable with money.  Realize that money is like water and holds no power. It is a resource to be used wisely and everyone is scrambling for it, so just be patient.  Try to see beyond the dollars and make it happen however you can.
Above all… don’t be bitter.  Just work harder and remember that it is all about knowing what you want to accomplish with your work.  And if after all this examining you discover that what you want is money… go into the stock market.



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