Don’t Extinguish Your Career Like These Child Stars!

We all admire the glamorous lives of child stars: they’re young, attractive, have more money than entire third-world countries… they have it all. Who wouldn’t want that?

But unrestrained indulgence usually comes with a heapin’ helpin’ of self-destruction. When your filmmaking career takes off big time, know your limits. Consider yourself lucky–these people have already shown you what Too Far looks like.

1.) Not So Cute Anymore: Lindsay Lohan

Remember that freckle-face ginger, so cute and perky? Well she’s dead now (figuratively). Now we are haunted… well, more like plagued by her new self:

What happened to such a promising talent? I mean, The Parent Trap? Mean Girls? That movie was almost an anthem for teenagers.

She went off the deep end. Majorly. Three rehab visits and who knows how many arrests later, Lindsay is what we call a starved-for-affection has-been. She killed her serious acting career with endless partying and lack of class. She isn’t a role model anymore (Playboy pics?) and even D-level directors won’t cast her.

2.) The Craziest Cast of All-Time: Diff’rent Strokes

Did the producers of Diff’rent Strokes inject their child stars, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman with some crazy drug?

Dana Plato attempted to rob a video store at gunpoint (excuse me: at pellet gun point) and walked away with a whopping $164. She continued destroying her “good girl” image by appearing in an erotic film, and then coming out as a lesbian… and then taking it back. She capped it off by dying on Mother’s Day from an accidental drug overdose.

Nicely done, Dana.

You can’t help but feel sorry for the kids of Diff’rent Strokes. Two out of three have passed away, and the last survivor (Todd Bridges) is on the fast track to finishing out his days in the slammer.

3) “Saved by the Smell”: Dustin Diamond

A lesson in sex tapes 101: unless you are as smokin’ as Kim Kardashian, releasing a sex tape is a dumb move… especially with a title as nasty as “Saved by the Smell.” Apparently Dustin, once known as ‘Screech,’ was craving stardom again (or at least quick cash). Sorry Screech, but America will forever see you as the pre-pubescent with a jerry-curl-looking-fro little boy. Porn isn’t your calling.

Don’t give up totally. Stardom isn’t always a death sentence: check out these stars who defied temptation and have had healthy, long-lasting careers.

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