Don’t wait for the bacon…

"Is it bacon time yet?"


Waiting for something to happen?  Make it happen.  It’s easy to justify our lack of action by chalking it up to something not being right.  But guess what?  Get off your ass.

The first and hardest lesson on the road to “doing what we love” is that the only ones who get there are the ones who don’t wait around for someone else to give it to us.  We must mold our own clay my friends.

There is no friend in the world who can give you what you’re looking for and it’s not because the world is cruel.  We must accept the simple yet troubling fact that the only one who can give us the opportunity that will make our creative dreams come true is ourselves.

Challenge yourself.

Take that amazing concept of yours and paint the prettiest picture you can with what you have and stop waiting around for the conditions to be just right. Up your game, do it better next time and keep going until you’re satisfied.

Be careful though because success comes like a gentle snow.  When it first shows up it’s barely visible and once you realize it’s there one of two things will happen next: it will melt on the ground because conditions aren’t quite right OR it will build until you’re snowed in.  Bring soup.

Try the following and see if any of them can help you cross that finish line that seems so far off in the distance:

  • Draw it out.  Imagine your story from start to finish and draw out major keyframes.  This should give you a sense of fun and play and enable you to hold the entire thing in your mind.
  • Talk it out.  Talk your story through with a friend or even just yourself to see if it makes sense out loud.  So many of us are terrified of discovering whether our ideas are worthless or not that we never actually “bring them out” and check them against the context of reality.  Reality matters.
  • Shoot it out.  Do some simple shooting, or even story board using this useful iPhone app, Story Board Composer.  It helps you compose a full story board without having to draw the entire thing.  Very cool.

Just be careful what you wish for.  The first step toward making that bacon is finding a pig, but the most difficult step is knowing what to do with all that bacon when it’s finally ready to eat.

Mmmm…. delicious metaphors.


Meme E

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