Augmented Easter Egg Hunt with the Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens just delivered its first ever AR Easter Hunt.

Over the weekend, Microsoft unveiled a 3 minute Easter egg hunt game at the VR Los Angeles conference where you could enter a magical forest and look for holographic eggs using the HoloLens headset. Typically in the past, HoloLens demonstrations have incorporated floating objects around a room. However, this specific game had the objects fully interact with the room’s features.

“There’s mapping that’s done with a depth camera that creates a 3D mesh of the world and that’s synced with head tracking,” Philippe Lewicki (a producer of this game).

When an egg was discovered, it would explode open simply through your gaze.

Although this game isn’t available to the public, it demonstrates yet another application of Augmented Reality.

Read the full experience of this game by Adario Strange.

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Chantal Wong

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