Emma is back

Director: Lagardère Publicité
Scene-shifter: Agence La Chose

November 29th, Emma is back.

How has Paul known that Emma is just coming back today?

Well, as we suggested yesterday Paul is not a real Paul… Nobody says that Paul doesn’t exist but on Paul’s blog is clearly written: “we can offer you the same that we’ve done for Paul”. That is why if Paul could be real, this is just a pretext. In fact, it is said: “use our agency to talk about your true love in the same way we’ve done for Paul”.
Of course now, every Parisian will not be able to forget about
Lagardère Publicité! They not simply say “we can do it”: first they have done a great work, so now everybody knows they can do it.
It’s also interesting the cooperation between two advertising groups, which are supposed to be competitive.
If all this hasn’t been enough, to be sure that you aren’t going to forget
Lagardère Publicité, you can join they’re contest and be posted on the wall of love.

Meme E

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