“End of the World” Contest Winners Announced

Our special Zooppa Spotlight Contest, “It’s the End of the World as Your Show It” has finished and we have some pretty spot on predictions. I think come end of the world time, it’ll probably happen in one of these four ways.

In 1st place, with a prediction that’s best explained by the video itself, we have RenRobot with “The End.”

In 2nd Place, a little girl’s last stand is defiant and admiriable, but ultimately, I kinda don’t think she stands a chance… Here’s DontMovie with “Tea Time.”

In 3rd, with a situation that we’ve all experienced (no? just me? oh…nevermind…), here’s juntaoni with “Entropy.”

And finally, our voting winner is ChicoryCrew with their fun romp through the world of cannibalism, “Screaming Cannibal”

Stay tuned to the Zooppa blog in the coming weeks as we’ll be interviewing each of the winners and getting their take on world ending, filmmaking, and what they might do with their live should any of these predictions not actually come true.

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