Enjoy the new blog!

Dear Zooppers,

we officially introduce you to the new Zooppa Blog!

It’s a very important instrument and we invite you to look it up frequently: here you can find updating about contests and rules, news from the Zooppa world and creative ideas that can inspire you.

You can reach the new blog from the banner on the community page. We have followed the advice of the most high-powered zooppers that understood the importance of this function and suggested us to make it more visible. The new blog is perfectly integrated in the Zooppa graphic design and it is richer in contents.

We want to give to the blog its original function: it has to be the place where Zooppa staff expresses its point of view about the creativity and the advertising world, and where we can tell you about Zooppa life. Feel free to post your comments, we hope that they will be always numerous!

Unlike the previous version, only Zooppa Staff can publish posts on the blog, but don’t be afraid! Soon we’ll launch the Zooppa Forum, the out and out forum of Zooppa where each one of you can suggest topics and discuss them more deeply and in a more focused way.

What are you waiting for? Good Blog to everyone!

Jasmine Moore