Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies

entr2Hello Zooppers,

If you’re a subscriber to Entrepreneur Magazine (or follow their social media channels) you may have noticed that Zooppa was spotlighted in a recent article. We are excited and proud to say we have been featured as one of their 100 Brilliant Companies!

Entrepeneur wanted to feature our platform as both a great resource for creatives to connect with brands, and a way for those brands to generate large amounts of high-quality videos and designs! Long-time Zoopper Landon Donoho was spotlighted in the article, and was the perfect fit as he had just won the Disney: Bring a Child’s Imagination to Life campaign. “I didn’t have to pay my dues, build a network of connections with agencies or move to Nentr1ew York or L.A.,” Donoho says. “With these competitions, I can look at the creative brief posted on Zooppa, decide if I like the company, product or concept, and if I do, then take a week to go from concept to shooting to editing–using nothing more than my DSLR camera and computer.”

The article goes on to to talk about how Zooppa’s authentic, user-generated content is an excellent way for a brand to not only get content, but get a survey of how their brand is perceived in the market. We don’t want to spoil the entire story, so check out the full article now!

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