“Even Our Furniture Has Great Ideas”




Zooppa is one of the words best crowd sourcing web-based startup companies on the planet. How is it possible? We believe in good ideas. In fact, written in our manifesto, we think anyone with a good idea is someone who capable of brilliance. Even the furniture here has great ideas.

Here’s our MVP roster when it comes down to Furniture Employees.



Sara “Coffeemaker” Rima

• Envisioned, that by 2015, each Zooppa employee will have his/her own centaurs to ride to work. [Interns still may take the bus]
• Spearheaded the new “only hire handsome interns” policy.
• Founded the “Make Coffee All the Time” employee’s health plan.



Mike “Computer” Gonzales

• Saw to a new way of integrating exercise with generating electrical output. Employees now need to need to run 5K to keep monitors going for 1 hour.
• Synthesized all of last years finance reports into a song, that was later performed for the offices by Coldplay.
• Designated slotted times during the day specifically to be used, for viewing cat videos. [Mike, of course, chooses the best ones. So really it’s a privilege.]



Annette “Comfy Couch” Bauer

•Kickstarted an incentive program for employees, who ever works the hardest – gets a box of puppies. [Works least – box full of hurtful things written down on tiny pieces of paper.]
• Instituted re-occurring nap times. Also, “bring your pajamas to work day”.
• Decided to only hire singing nannies for the Human Resources department.


Hank “The Chair” Bruhn

• Got the idea to start the Zooppa softball team, “The 2nd Placers.”
• Set in motion a firing policy for employees who use put-downs.
• “Tequila Tuesdays” – his idea.



Caslon “Watercooler” Hatch

• Invented a new form of commercial that appears to people who are using the toilets in the bathroom stalls.
• Against the wishes of Animal Rights protesters, took back the IT room from a passel of possums that were living there.
• Put forward the idea to end every meeting with mandatory complements for the whole team involved. Which is, Refreshing.



Tim “Hello Kitty Toaster” Punch

• Says, ‘meow,’ instead of, ‘now.’ Hilarious.


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