Even the Recession Can’t Stop the Holidays


Starbucks rolled out its annual Christmas themed cups this week, meaning the holidays are officially here! Christmas reaffirms the time-honored message that the best way to show someone you love them is to buy them things. It’s true. I can’t tell you how many stuffed animals, piles of candy and princess dresses I’ve used to worm my way into my four-year-old niece’s heart. And guess who her favorite aunt is… yep.

Love can be bought. But with protestors camping out in major shopping centers across the country (or at least here in Seattle) rallying against the very chain stores you planned to visit, Christmas shopping isn’t the jolly time it used to be. The solution is simple.

Stop by your local mp3 store and download A Very She and Him Christmas  (or Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber, if you’re in to that sort of thing), indulge in a peppermint mocha and log on to Zappos.com. It’s not just about shoes folks! Zappos peddles anything your friends and family desire. Make Zappos your holiday headquarters with our nifty Holiday Shopping Guide.


We all know someone like Monica:

Monica claims to be a twenty-something but we all know she turned 30 this year. She pays for a studio apartment with her artist boyfriend and in her spare time enjoys writing novels about the evils of corporate America using metaphors from paranormal romance. This year why don’t you get Monica:



Vera Bradly Pen: $19.99 – To edit her latest Twilight-meets-HP-Lovecraft

A Bodium French Press Coffee Maker: $29.99 – Stick it to corporate coffee! You can be caffeinated without electricity!

Riedel Merlot Decanter: $25.00 – Monica seems like the kind of snob who would transfer her liquor from a perfectly good bottle just for show


And we all know a Jake:

Jake is 23, just graduated from liberal-arts college and spends his free time (i.e., unemployment) exploring the great outdoors. He rents a house on the outskirts of town–far enough away to have a secluded feel, but close enough to be a short bike ride into town. On Jake’s wish list:




Ruff Wear Web Master Harness: $50.00 – Jake’s faithful lab Chili goes with him everywhere. This functions just like a regular harness but looks cooler.

Camelbak Hydrobak 50 oz.: $39.00 – Keep Jake hydrated on long hikes.

Baffin Cush Booty: $28.99 – Specialty slippers for the outdoors


And don’t forget about Brian:

Brian isn’t a made-up person. Brian is my very real brother-in-law who is obsessed with football, likes his tech
toys and has the very special hobby of emulating Don Draper on Mad Men. Potential ideas:


Philadelphia Eagles Tie: $75.00 – Here you can kill two birds with one stone: Sport fan loyalty while looking dapper.

STM Laptop Bag: $70.00 – It’s not a purse. It’s a satchel.

Anthony for Men Gifted Grooming Set: $50.00 – Don Draper will tell you, the key to a polished look is skincare upkeep.

Want a little extra cash to help with your gift giving? Zappos is offering $48,000 in cash prizes for their “Celebrate the Art of Gifting” contest on Zooppa. Head on over to the brief to get started!



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