Everything I Love About IHOP

In honor of the IHOP. Everything You Love About Breakfast contest, I thought a little ode to the delectably delicious diner was in order. After all, having recently eaten there while on a cross country mega-trip, I can say with certainty that 1. Pancakes are even better than usual after one does a 24 hour drive, and 2. IHOP’s menu is capable of reinvigorating you with that childlike sense of wonder (chocolate chip pancakes are still the bomb.) Here are a few fun facts about the pancake chain:

The first IHOP opened in Toluca Lake, California on July 7, 1958. (Pretty impressive run. High five IHOP!)

There were 1,550 IHOP restaurants as of December 31, 2011. Now this I believe. While traversing the wilderness and surrounding areas of Montana, I recognized the blue pitched roof with relieved recognition. I did not have cell phone service, but I did have pancakes.

IHOP’s “Come Hungry. Leave Happy” campaign won the Advertising and Marketing Awareness award in 2004. I always loved this slogan. It’s almost caveman in its simplicity, and when I’m starving, I pretty much resort to caveman speak: Me hungry. Food now.

One of their trademarks is their selection of syrup flavors. Where else do you see Boysenberry syrup on every single table? I’ve always loved Boysenberries too, they sound like something out of Willy Wonka… “The snozberries taste like snozberries…”

IHOP serves more 700 million pancakes a year. Wow. I wonder how many times that amount of pancakes would circle the Earth?

In conclusion, writing this has made me hungry and once again proud to be a forever champion of breakfast for dinner. Check out the contest here! It closes July 2nd, so get those cameras rolling!

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