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Hello Zooppers!

We hope that summer has been treating you well and that everyone is enduring the heat.

Summer has always been a great time to relax and hang with friends. But, it is also a great time to meet new people and learn new things about old friends. Maybe there is a story you heard of a friend or told about yourself that tells how a choice – big or small – has made you experience life a little better, or a lot. We want to hear your story! Lucky for you, we have recently launched a project with PaperPro just for that reason. Experience Better is a project for PaperPro that focuses on the choices that people have made to experience better by overcoming to live positively, uniquely and fulfilled. If you want to share your story or a friends, come check out this unique project!

We are accepting pledges for this project, so if you’d like to receive two staplers to use in your shoot let us know at support@zooppa.com. The mission of the project is to create 60-90 second mini-documentaries that focus on a real, relatable individual and their choice to experience life better.

Although it is required that the product make an appearance in the video, the focus should not be on the product itself. Rather, we want to see how lives have been made better through big and small choices. So share your story with us and how you or someone you know made a choice to Experience Better!

On a different note,  we have a new way you can stay aware of our projects! Just text ZOOPPA to 41411 and you will receive project updates and alerts!

We hope that you continue having a wonderful summer soaking up the sun! Keep on being amazing! Until next time Zooppers!



Colette Marien

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