Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, or YouTube?

Live video has come in full swing this year, but which platform is really the best platform to stream yourself live? Here is a list of Pros and Cons from the top 4 contenders: Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and YouTube.


Pros: Extremely simple to operate. Also, everyone you know is probably Facebook friends with you. AKA they will watch your live stream, whether or not you want them to.

Cons: Facebook created a tab just for live videos which means you get a notification almost too many times a day. Plus, live videos will constantly be in your general news feed which means you probably won’t see much of anything else.


Pros: Scared of Facebook because your mom just added you 5 times? Not to worry, Instagram is here to save you. Your friend group is different on Instagram than your Facebook group. It’s more focused on what your friends are doing, which translates to fewer broadcasts. There’s also no live videos in your actual Instagram feed, and you can follow your favorite Instagrammers to your heart’s content.

Cons: There are no extra tools like in Facebook. You can’t title your videos – it’s almost too basic.


Pros: Twitter’s Periscope is a little more raw than any other platform––this is where people will show the protests and marches (against Trump). This equates to very relevant and very real footage.

Cons: It seems like Periscope has been facing difficulties with catching on amongst users. There aren’t that many updates if any at all, and you’re less likely to find a large audience here.


Pros: YouTube is already a popular app for watching videos; people go to YouTube to watch any subject matter. YouTube also offers a 55% share cut of ad revenues to those with a subscriber base. Being a YouTuber doesn’t sound too bad, does it? They also have an incredible recommendation engine that will take you down a deep dark rabbit hole you never intended to go down. Maybe that’s a con…

Cons: There’s a great comment section for YouTube live videos, but if you have a popular video going it’s going to fly by way too fast. You might not even have the time to notice any of them. Also, YouTube comments can be really obnoxious.


Take a look at the more in-depth article about each of these Live Streaming platforms from USA Today.

Jasmine Moore

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