Famous and Making Commercials

So you entered a Zooppa Contest, got famous, and now you’re going to retire forever from making commercials, right? It was only a stepping-stone on your way to The Real Deal?

Not so fast! Who’s to say great artists don’t do commercials for fun? Nobody, that’s who!

Moreover, I don’t know how much they got paid for these 60-second spots, but it probably funded some pretty sweet digs. Just sayin’.


Spike Jonze: “Lamp,” for Ikea

This guy is the real deal. Seriously. When he’s not sending you on mind bending trips through someone else’s brain, he’s making you feel sorry for lamps.

Wes Anderson: “My Life, My Card,” for American Express

Next up, Mr. Wes Anderson uses his quirky image to make the most entertaining American Express commercial I’ve seen. If you’re gonna be an artist and an advertiser, it’s nice if you can have fun with it.

Martin Scorsese: “The Key to Reserva,” for Freixenet Cava champagne

Let’s top it off with a bit from one of the most respected film artists of all time. If this guy still makes commercials, then by golly, it’s okay if you do it forever, too. Ladies and Gents, Martin Scorcese films a “lost Hitchcock script” to sell Freixenet Cava champagne.

Commercials aren’t just a great place to start your career. They can also be a great playground for these entertaining bits of awesome that can’t be stretched into a full-length feature, but are too darn great to leave in the drawer.

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