Featured Member: Shane Salanitri

Meet Shane Salanitri, better known as sallykneetree (the phonetics of his last name by the way). He is this month’s featured member and the winner of our T-Mobile project! Don’t forget to check out his website, and follow him on Instagram @sallykneetree.
1. Mini Bio (include as much or as little as you like) 

My name is Shane Salanitri, I am 23 years old and I am a video creator.  I grew up in Long Island, New York where I still live today.  As a kid I was very creative, whether it was creating some sort of funny skit with my cousins or making some type of movie in my backyard, there was always something going on.  As an adult, things haven’t really changed. Out of high school, I went to college in Massachusetts.  I was playing football for the school, so I didn’t really have a lot of free time to create videos.  By the middle of my sophomore year, I had already taken the most advanced video course the University had offered, I knew I had to transfer.  I transferred to Temple University where I majored in Film and Media Arts and focused all of my time on producing video content.

2. How did you find out about the Zooppa Community? 

This truly could have been one of the best things I learned about in college.  One day in class a friend of mine asked me to help produce a video he wanted to direct for a project on Zooppa.  He gave me very little details but said it was for Mike’s Harder Jamaican Lemonade.  Without thinking twice I started writing a script and planning out the shoot.  A few days later I found out the project was only looking for the prints for the can art, my friend gave me the wrong details.  After that day I checked out Zooppa on my own and decided I was going to start producing content for other projects.

3. What is appealing to you about the Zooppa model?

Hands down the best thing about Zooppa is opportunity.  No matter what your background experience is they give you the chance to produce content for national brands.

4. What drew you to the T-Mobile project? 

The T-mobile project really attracted me right from the start because of what they were looking for.  The key thing they talked about in the project brief was international video calling.  A very good friend of mine who has helped me with videos in the past happens to currently be living in South Korea.  I knew this would give me a huge advantage because we would actually be able to film this commercial internationally instead of faking it.
5. Any cool projects that you’re working on that you’d like people to know about? 
On top of producing and directing videos, I also do some acting work.  Currently, I am acting in an online series called The Rough Cuts that will be debuting online later this year.  It is about a group of friends and the adventures they partake in as they try to graduate from college.  It’s very funny!
6. Favorite thing to eat at a craft service table? 
Wow, that’s a good one.  Always so many choices at the good ole’ craft service table.  I’d have to say the typical go to is a granola bar but has to be a Oats and Honey flavor, I don’t mess around with bits of fruit and raisins.
7. Doing anything fun with the reward money?
I’m going to give some to my friend who is in South Korea because without him this couldn’t have even been possible.  Mostly going to save the majority of my portion.  Maybe invest some into future video projects.

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  1. Had an awsome time working on going to school and working on this project with Shane. He’s the person who originally got me interested in creating videos!

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