Featured Video Winner: Michael_Torris for “L.A. Matador”

Amidst hundreds and hundreds of submissions Zooppa gets in each contest; there is always a video that stands out among the noise. This video seems to fulfill the client’s needs, yet pushes the client’s concept further, evolving it to a more interesting and refined form that sparks both curiosity and inspiration. Such a video we’d like to feature is Michael_Torris’ “L.A. Matador”, the Grand Prize Winning Video of the Diesel BE STUPID campaign held last July.

The Diesel BE STUPID campaign was launched in July of 2010 and ran through August with over 100 video submissions and nearly 1,400 print ads. This campaign was by far, one of the most popular contests held on Zooppa, with the most submissions to date. Diesel BE STUPID campaign asked Zooppers to create a video or a print ad to expand their BE STUPID idea, keeping the same positive attitude but with a new, fresh approach. Be Stupid, Diesel says, because being stupid allows you to take risks, to be brave and brilliant at the same time.

“L.A. Matador” evokes all of Diesel’s BE STUPID philosophy and takes it to the next level. Michael_Torris gives us a charming example of how we can all live out the BE STUPID philosophy as a lifestyle, but in a more subtle, close-to-the-heart way that sends a more powerful and heartwarming message than Diesel’s usual cheeky and irreverent, in-your-face manner.

In it, the man creatively conjures a ridiculous method to conquer the rude, honking, wild streets: A full-on, traditional Matador costume, complete with a mustache. This wildly hilarious and quirky tactic soon proves to be a success, as Michael_Torris twists the humor to evoke a much deeper idea: the Matador can be seen as the puppet master of the great, hulking metal cars like Bulls in the arena. The Matador has conquered the road. The ending fist pump can be seen as a great triumph in the man’s courageous attempt to make peace, and consequently win, the streets of L.A. After all, his ridiculous get-up became a resounding success.

While the story of “L.A. Matador” is enchantingly sophisticated, the message it speaks is about courage and self-expression. The man’s sketch of the Matador costume slowly turns into a reality as the film shows shots of shaving and putting the mustache on. At the core, “L.A. Matador” is about living out a creative lifestyle and expressing one’s individuality-everything that the Diesel brand stands for.

We applaud Michael’s ingenuity and subtlety, for his refined skills as a film artist, both in editing and in cinematography. It is no wonder why Michael was chosen as Diesel’s Grand Prize Winner, his video unite all the great things about Diesel and evolves it. Thank you Michael, for bringing your creative ideas and excellent work to Zooppa and pushing the bar of creativity higher.

Michael_Torris is a recent new comer to the Zooppa scene, and has since only participated in the Diesel BE STUPID campaign, submitting both a video and a print ad. Currently, Michael_Torris is in the running for the Best of Zooppa 2010 contest with the same video.

This post was written by Christine Lew, a graphic design intern at Zooppa.

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