Ferrero Rocher Announcement!

Hey Zooppper!

We can finally announce the selected videos for our Ferrero Rocher, “the Golden Experience” contest!

A lot of high quality content was received and the client wants to thank you for your effort and for the creativity you put in every single video. The request was to give your own interpretation of the golden experience of Ferrero Rocher. Now we are ready to publish the winning videos and to share with you those “Golden Experiences”:

1st place: Ferrero Rocher – fusion Alma by Arturo Querzoli – €10,000

2nd place: TOUT SE YOUN by gio-dipietro – €4,000

3rd place: Share Something Special by daimk – €2,500

4th place: Golden Opportunity by sean-dwyer – €2,000

5th place: Ferrero Rocher – The Wedding Day by oliverwergers – €1,500

6th place: Ferrero Rocher – Goldenight by kingdragonzooppa – €1,000

7th place: Share something special on EID by syedzeshan – €1,000

8th place: Golden Moment by rockdirector – €1,000

9th place: Ferrero Rocher- Wishes by limbo112 – €1,000

10th place: Every moment is precious by pivaugo – €1,000


Finally, we leave you with the comment from Ferrero Rocher’s global team:

We would like to congratulate every single participant!

We were indeed impressed by the quality and diversity of the videos from all over the world. Bringing to life the golden experience of Ferrero Rocher was a challenging brief. Each video managed in its own way to convey pleasure and enjoyment, some were surprising and memorable, some humorous, even magical – but definitely all were out of the ordinary.

Of course, deciding on the prize winners was a very tough decision. Overall, we decided to award the videos that inspired us in some way. Some managed to capture the essence of the brand more closely whilst others presented a more creative interpretation of what the brand is and could be about. We also did our best to select a set of winners whose videos showcase the amazing originality of the submitted content.

Thanks to you all, the golden experience of Ferrero Rocher is now the more golden after this creative experience!

Ferrero Rocher Global Team

Thank you again Zoopper for your participation and for sharing with us your golden moments!

Let’s meet again for the next creative challenge.


Chantal Wong

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