Figurella seeks a new image on Zooppa.com

Figurella, the company whose natural weight loss techniques have made it an industry leader, has chosen the user-generated advertising platform of Zooppa.com as a medium for revitalizing its image online and promoting its services.

Until December 15, all of the members of the Zooppa.com community will be able to design and propose graphic print ads promoting the weight loss company by following the guidelines laid out in a contest brief that Figurella has provided. The winners, who will be chosen by the client and by the community by means of a vote, will claim the prizes totalling 3,000 euros that Figurella has provided.

What is really new about this particular context is that from among all of the print ads generated by the Zooppa community, Figurella will choose one to become its official off-line advertising campaign, thereby proving this modern company’s innovativeness.

This is a fantastic collaboration for ZOOPPA.COM, which is always demonstrating its ability to bring traditional advertising media in contact with the new Web 2.0 world and the concept of social advertising.

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