Film the golden experience of Ferrero Rocher!

Fferreroerrero Rocher is a premium, hazelnut and chocolate praline that is elegantly wrapped in gold. It is the ideal refined and delicious chocolate delicacy – a golden taste journey that engages all your senses. We want you to create and bring to life the golden experiences of Ferrero Rocher!


So what exactly are golden experiences?Gold_Rocher

There are the moments that are unexpected, thrilling, and usually shared. They give us the inspiration and emotion–making us feel alive and fulfilled.

Now it’s up to you to surprise us! Share your golden experience story and bring to life what the Ferrero Rocher brand means via the golden experience through 30-45 second videos. We’re looking for aspirational, glamorous, even magical stories–something extraordinary and not part of your everyday routine.

There are €25,000 in total awards that will go to the top 10 filmmakers. The final deadline is October 10th at 6am PDT. Be sure to check out the full brief.

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Jasmine Moore

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